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you love caipirinha and we have a secret to share: 9 exotic limes ...

if you are like us and love coffee and cachaça I think this cocktail is for you. This recipe we used cachaça, coffee liqueur, Pistachio Foam and Tiki Tincture (made with spices). The result was fantastic and the taste even better. Below some photos, the original recipe...

We love Cachaca Cocktails. Time to try `Till the End of The Road`.

We love Cachaca Cocktails. Try Don`s Special Daiquiri

We love Cachaça Cocktails. Try White Gentleman.

This summer 2018 we had the pleasure of participating in the third version of the Brazilian Oba-Oba party

Bambas Festival is an immersive experience in the spirit & soul of Brazilian movement, music & culture.

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Recipe for caipirinha: 9 Limes that you have never heard about

13 Feb 2020

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