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We love Cachaça Cocktails. Time to try `White Brazilian cocktail`

if you are like us and love coffee and cachaça I think this cocktail is for you. This recipe we used cachaça, coffee liqueur, Pistachio Foam and Tiki Tincture (made with spices). The result was fantastic and the taste even better. Below some photos, the original recipe and how to prepare it: Ingredients: 50ml Cachaça (@cachacabartolomeu) 20ml Coffee Liquer (@moketoespresso) Pistachio Foam Tiki Tincture (made with spices) __________________________________ Preparation: Put the first two ingredients in a mixing glass with ice cubes and stir. Strain the mix into a chilled rocks glass with ice, top up with pistachio foam garnish with grated nutmeg, a biscuit, express Tiki Tincture for ar

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