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Bartolomeu is a small-batch artisanal cachaça, aged in barrels made from native Brazilian wood.

We have always been driven by challenges and finding ways to make things different. After some years of research, we created the most versatile craft cachaça to meet our goals: make the taste of caipirinhas smoother, give a Brazilian touch to classic cocktails and be a great base for mixing up new drinks.


We took our inspiration from the pioneer and one of the greatest explorers of all time, Bartolomeu Dias. Bartolomeu was the first European navigator to round the southern tip of Africa and open up the way from Europe to Asia via the Cape of Good Hope.

That brave feat of the 15th century was fundamental to the exportation of sugarcane from India to the rest of the world and build the foundations of today's sugarcane distillation. His intrepid personality reflects in our brand and his openness for new experiences is what moves us.

How it is crafted

Following our belief that the best things in life are simple, our sugarcane spirit is handcrafted in small individual batches through a straightforward but rich distillation process. Copper pot stills preserve the character and complexity of the cachaça and capture the "heart" of each distillation: the purest middle cut of the spirit.

Bartolomeu is then aged in wooden barrels made from a native Brazilian wood, Pterogyne Nitens (or amendoim-do-campo) ensuring each bottle brims with a smooth and unique flavor inside its minimalist design.

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