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Rabo de Galo is the new classic cocktail

An International flavor with ingredients found anywhere in the world, Rabo de Galo will be in the list of the new classic cocktails. This is the wish of all Brazilian bartenders for the next years.

rabo de galo cocktail

Rescued by Brazilian bartenders, this drink gained more and more value nowadays. With special touches, it is presented in nice perspectives with vermouth, Cynar, white cachaça and orange peel.

International Bartenders Association (IBA) The same process is being traced for Rabo de Galo. Although, the entrance of new drinks are made in long terms, Rabo de Galo can win this battle.This story reminds us the entrance of the caipirinha in the famous international bartender list in 1994, a long battle fought years ago. Mestre Derivan, as known in Brazil for his enormous contribution to the Brazilian drink market, was one of the main responsible for the inclusion of Caipirinha in the role of the , in 1994, at this time being director of the Brazilian Association. Since then, our caipirinha has become known worldwide and served throughout numerous bars, becoming one of the main Brazilian symbols around the world.

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The history of the rabo de galo is linked to the arrival of Cinzano factory to São Paulo in the 1950s. Considered the "golden age" of cinema, beauty becomes a topic of great importance. This period the atmosphere was really sophisticated which led to a multitude of products launched. In the field of international politics, conflicts between the capitalist and socialist blocs (Cold War) were gaining strength. In the same decade, the cocktail had thoroughly permeated American society with images of sophisticated men in black suits and women with coiffed hair.

Cinzano Factory Sao Paulo 1950 Brazil

The origin of the brand Cinzano dates back to 1757 when the brothers Carlos Stefano and Giovanni Giacomo Cinzano, began to produce in a small establishment in the village of Pecetto, near the city of Turin, some aromatic blends of wines with aromatic herbs from the Italian Alps. But only in 1787, the product gained fame to be known as "Vermouth of Torino", becoming an icon of Italian culture.

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Backing in the 1950s, with an eye on the Italian community Cinzano based in Brazil tried to consolidate itself in the sale of vermouth. However, it soon became clear that at the bar counters, drank cachaça and not vermouth and the company decided to stimulate and change its strategy by making a drink that could use both ingredients: vermouth and cachaça. Then born the famous drink as we know.

So Rabo de Galo will be in the list of the new classic cocktails ? We hope so. The mission is include Rabo de galo on the International Bartenders Association cocktails list. It is acclaimed roll with the respective canonical recipes and every barman around the world needs to know these cocktails. As a result, The distillate that makes such a nice cocktail gains importance and expression around the world.

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