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Top 5 Cachaça Cocktails

It is always difficult to choose a list of cachaça cocktails. We tried to find at least some tradicional and tasty recipes. Be prepared for your next order at the bar.

Cachaça Cocktails

Our selection of cocktails with cachaça is undoubtedly a good choice for lovers of cachaça drinks and can be used on different occasions.

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5. Bloody Carioca

Nothing better than representing Brazil with a drink that has in its name the blood of the wonderful city, Rio de Janeiro. This Brazilian twist on the classic Bloody Mary replaces vodka with cachaça, and mixed with tomato juice, lemon juice, fresh passion fruit juice, salt, tabasco, ground pepper, and nutmeg. To complete this great cocktail, it is served over ice in a highball glass. Nothing more perfect to taste this red and tasty version of Rio de Janeiro.

4. Bossa Nova

Bossa nova a fusion of samba and jazz, is a genre of Brazilian music which developed and was popularized in the 1950s and 1960s. So nothing more interesting than using cachaça for this cocktail. And to make it, the best recipe came with Bartolomeu cachaça mixed with apricot brandy Galliano, (herbal liquor) and freshly squeezed lime and pineapple juice before straining it into a tall glass of crushed ice. We imagined it would be ideal with a garnish of pineapple on the side.

3. Batida (Shaken)

For a consistent drink, uniformity may be the word at a time. Batida has this inspiration. The word "Batida" in Brazilian Portuguese means shaken or crushed, alluding to the blended consistency of the cocktail. Very popular in Brazil, "batida" is a kind of Brazilian pina colada not limited to pineapple. A variety of fruits can be used like strawberries, passion fruit, or coconuts, adding sugar, and ice. Some people like adding sweet condensed milk or sour cream for an extra sugar rush. The ingredients are very simple 2 parts Bartolomeu Cachaça, 1 part of lovely fruit juice, 1 tablespoon of sugar (or condensed milk), ice. You just need to shake or blend if using chunks of fresh fruits. All ingredients and serve over ice in a highball or old fashioned glass.

2. Rabo-de-galo

The name of this drink simply and the translation of cock-tail in English. But Rabo-de-galo in Brazilian Portuguese means 'tail of the rooster'. This cocktail was a great success and became one of the most traditional made with cachaça

The recipe uses a Brazilian drink made of Cachaça and red vermouth. In general, 2 parts of Cachaça and 1 part of red-sweet vermouth, mixing and serving in a old fashioned glass and lemon zest twist. Although in Brazil the shot glass was the first way to drink this cocktail.

1. Caipirinha

Who would be the first cocktail on the list? The traditional and lovely Caipirinha. The word refers to someone from the countryside, called caipira in Brazilian Portuguese. However, there is a special story about the origin of caipirinha. According to the International Bartenders Association, Ingredients: are based on Cachaça, lime, sugar and ice. The big question is: how to make a perfect caipirinha ?

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