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Caipirinha: A history of acclaimed cocktail

Caipirinha, Brazil's national cocktail, made with cachaça, sugar and lime. The caipirinha cocktail is surprisingly simple to make. The drink is prepared by muddling lime slices and the sugar together, and adding the liquor and ice. So why not discover some curiosities about the caipirinha ?

Caipirinha Bartolomeu

The name caipirinha. The word caipirinha is the diminutive of 'caipira', which in Brazilian Portuguese refers to someone from the countryside and mostly in Brazil someone from the rural areas. Therefore, the name caipirinha refers a “little peasant girl” from countryside, a word in the female diminutive.

The Ingredient. According to Brazilian law, Decree 6.871 based on Normative Ruling 55, from Oct. 31, 2008 as well as the International Bartenders Association (IBA), Caipirinha is made only with cachaça and for the version with lime only. For any other variation, we should use drink with the fruit's name together like strawberry caipirinha, passion fruit caipirinha or kiwifruit caipirinha.

The History. The right and dated origin of caipirinha does not exist. Several reports point to the a medicinal use, indicated for patients with cold or flu. The popular recipe was made with green lime, garlic and honey. One day someone decided to remove the garlic and honey and then added a few tablespoons of sugar to reduce the acidity of lime. The idea was that the green lime has high concentration of vitamin C and alcohol from cachaça helps the absorption of these vitamins into in the organism. Then, the recipe was created. Is easy to understand from a tropical country it would be natural to add ice, and leave the final result more balanced.

How to make a Caipirinha step by step

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The Recipe. We recommend using exactly the recipe for creating the cocktail. The exact recipe available on the website of the International Bartenders Association for classic contemporary cocktails, 2 teaspoons sugar, in an old fashioned glass and finally do not mix, stir it.

The Glass. Many places like to make caipirinha with different glasses, adding crashed ice and other variations of fruit. Using creativity is interesting and can result in good recipes but we love the caipirinha in its original version.

Which Cachaça. Caipirinha is made with quality white Cachaça. (What is Cachaça?) The distillate is more versatile to make cocktails. Is aged Cachaça possible for a caipirinha? It could even be used. However, it would be necessary to seek a perfect balance between the wood aged, flavor, acidity and the amount of sugar of the cocktail, making the task almost an alchemy and with a great chance of not being balanced at the end. That is why caipirinha is recommended to be made with white Cachaça.

Secret Tips. Choose lemon with plenty of juice. Do not shake the cocktail, stir it. When placing the lemons in the glass, place them facing with the bark down. When muddle the limes, carry out carefully, slowly and a few times. Make caipirinha for your friends and enjoy yourself. Use the old fashioned glass. Do not miss the proportions. Experiment with the Bartolomeu Cachaça.

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