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Bartolomeu Cachaça 2018, are you ready ?

What is great can get even better. Bartolomeu 2018 is ready.

2017 was a great year for Bartolomeu. Many discoveries and a lot of cool people were part of our year. Besides producing an excellent cachaça, we would like to make a difference with moments that really matter in our lives. Taking advantage of good times, partying with friends and family, there is nothing better than that. At the end of the day, that's what matters.

bartolomeu cachaça new bottle

Our association with House of Cachaça allowed the expansion of our horizons beyond Brazil, being able to fly through Portuguese cities and giving the opportunity of a masterclass in the land of Bartolomeu. Without a doubt it was a fantastic experience to be there and show amazing cachaça brands.

In London we also took advantage of our second masterclass in partnership with House of Cachaça in 2017 with the opportunity to share excellent cachaça cocktails for lovers of a good spirit. At the end, we had a famous and traditional English quiz to encourage the palate of our guests.

masterclass in London houseofcachaca

We love music and we think it transforms our atmosphere. With that in mind, we partnered with one of the coolest Brazilian party in London, ObáObá, produced by Reconcavo Beats. In September 2017 we made the first edition together and had caipirinhas and shots of Bartolomeu at the bar. The party was a great success and the next edition was already scheduled for February 2018. Axé !

Obá Obá brazilian party in london

Below we show the light box indicating the most requested drink of the night. =)

Caipirinha Bartolomeu

In summary we closed 2017 with lots of good energy and positive vibes, with many expectations for this coming year. This year of 2018 we will have many good projects to be part of, ObáObá 2018 editions, Rum Festivals in Manchester and develop our partnership with House of Cachaça and the Cachaça Festivals UK that will happen in April 2018.


Bartolomeu cachaça

Anyway, a lot more is coming. Stay tuned and join us in our social networks like our instagram , where we tell more of our history.

Well, are you ready for 2018 with Bartolomeu ?

#explore #trysomethingnew #enjoythelittlethings

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