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Bartolomeu @ Bambas Festival

We are more than happy to have been chosen as the official Cachaça of Bambas Festival in London. Bambas Festival is an immersive experience in the spirit & soul of Brazilian movement, music & culture.

Bambas Festival in London

Bambas is the first comprehensive Brazilian Movement & Music Festival in London bringing together master dance teachers, and master musicians to highlight the vastness of Brazilian movement techniques and histories.

A platform for established artists to deliver the highest quality of dance and song, within and for, multicultural Britain. Celebrating Brazil in Britain - a great 2-day intensive of 8 varied classes with local, national, and international master teachers, live percussion, performances, nourishing refreshments and a social celebration.

The festival was hosted in a beautiful Edwardian hall at Core Clapton in East London. Hope to see you all again at Bambas Festival again.

Willing to try Bartolomeu ? Available now at Amazon UK ​

Bartolomeu at Amazon UK

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