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We love Cachaça Cocktails. Time to try a Greek Caipirinha

We all know the origin of caipirinha and its delicious variations with fruits. You may not know a special Greek version that is very delicious. Curious? See and comment on that special caipirinha.

greek caipirinha

This version draws inspiration from mythology and adds exuberant hints to the cocktail.

greek cocktail

How to make #caipirinha using a Greek twist - a lovely Greek Caipirinha:

Fun to make and easy to drink. Here we go 😉

Ingredients: 50ml @cachacabartolomeu 10ml Mastic Liqueur (@fosspirits) 15ml Lime Juice 🍈 8 Mint Leaves 🌿 1 Barspoon Brown Sugar _________________________________ Preparation: In a rocks glass by @jesper_efferbach muddle the mint leaves, brown sugar and lime juice. Add ice & the other ingredients and stir.

Garnish with a mint spring and enjoy responsibly!

So, what do you think ?

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